Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Animation - get started in Animation!
Friday, 7/20/18 6:00p.m. - 7:00 Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Animation Join these talented designers and animators as they share how they turned their talents into an inspiring careers and how you can too! Emily Williams (The Weather Girls), Lynne Mitchell (Rabbit Hole Productions), Jennifer Chiu (Motion Sickness) Ashley Postelwaite (Renegade Animation), Kt Weber (PXL agency, Netflix, Disney XD), and Victoria Nece (Adobe) as they discuss what’s new in the art, science and business of animation, with a particular focus on character design--and how new technology, like Adobe Character Animator, and old technology, like After Effects, is making it easier than ever, no matter what your background, to get started animating! Session will be moderated by Erica Schisler (Adobe). Room: 11
My Adobe Character Animator Puppets
My Presentation
The incredible group of women presenters and their work!
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